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 This webpage is an archive and no longer reflects current information about the Happiness Alliance – home of The Happiness Initiative. Please visit happycounts.org






Listen to personal stories about peoples experience taking the happiness survey and send your story to happy@happycounts.org.

What youth have to say about happiness:

On Meaningful Life:

On Experiences:

On Balance:

On Gratitude:

On Money:

On People:

On Connection to Humanity:

Some words from people who have taken the Gross National Happiness Index:

Adam Fletcher, a community and youth engagement expert, talks about why he thinks the happiness survey is meaningful.

Cecile Andrews talks about Happiness Circles and how they contribute towards the happiness movement.  Read her article The Pursuit of Happiness Circles — A Community Conversation Guide.

JVC Happiness Initiative Survey Reflection from Jeff Vander Clute on Vimeo.

Andrew talks about the domain of cultural vitality and time balance and the what he did to increase his happiness.

Tim talks about his experience taking the happiness survey over time.