Happy Places

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Cities, Campuses. Community Activists, Speakers and even Families are using the Happiness Initiative Index and toolkit to measure well-being and happiness, to revitalize and reframe the debate and provokes richer broader conversation on a local and national level about happiness and the purpose of life and of government.

Map of Happiness Initiatives  

Materials from some Happiness Initiatives:

Seattle Area Happiness Initiative
City of Seattle Council Happiness Proclamation
The first Happiness Report Card - Seattle Area Happiness Initiative (SAHI)
SAHI Advisors
Department of Neighborhoods funded a project with immigrant and refugee communities indicating a deeper look at social inequity is warrented.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Santa Fe Happiness Initiative Flyer
Santa Fe Happiness Initiative Brochure
Santa Fe Happiness Initiative Press Release

Vermont Pursuit of Happiness Day Proclamation
GNHUSA.org Happiness Index
Vermont Pursuit of Happiness Day Poster 1
Vermont Happiness Book Group Poster

Pittsburg, Kansas
Pittsburg, Kansas Pursuit of Happiness Day Proclamation

Eau Claire, Wisconsin - The Eau Claire Happiness Initiative Website
Eau Claire Library Board Happiness Resolution
Eau Claire Happiness Initiative Power Map
Eau Claire Happiness Initiative Talking Points
Eau Claire Happiness Initiative FAQs
Eau Claire Happiness Initiative Background
Eau Claire Happiness Domains

Nevada City, California
The  Nevada City Happiness Website
Nevada City  Happiness Poster Final 
Nevada City PSA
Nevada City Facebook Page

Hudson Valley, New York
Happiness Project facebook page

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Albuquerque Happiness Initiative Flyer 2013Campuses conducting Happiness Initiatives

Campuses Conducting Happiness Initiatives

University of Iowa Pursuit of Happiness Day Teach-in
Eastern Washington University Happiness Initiative and their photos!
Antioch University, Seattle Campus is an official partner. Check out their Happiness Proclamation.
Fo Guang University in Taiwan is an official partner. Check out their blog.
Colby-Sawyer University Transition Town project.  Download report.
University of Michigan: Check out the blog.
Middlebury College, VT.
Edmonds Community College, WA
University of Washington, Bothell Campus - 3 students adopted The Happiness Initiative as their community based learning project.  Read about their experience. University of Washington, Bothell.
Allegheny College, PA - Allegheny College’s Freshman Seminar, Vision & Activism, hosted a Happiness Picnic to inspire the campus community to discover what happiness means to them.

Community Lead Happiness Initiatives and Projects 

-Redwoods Happiness Initiative website
Asheville, NC- Facebook Page
-Grist Magazine use of GNH Index for their readership
Earthlight in Salem, Oregon
- Vietnamese Friendship Association ”Spring Off” 2012 photos and 2013 Happiness Initiative
Craig’s Spiritual Cycle Therapy  in New York City
- The Kimberly Happiness Project Facebook Page
Justus D’addario, MA, LHMC lead a two month long Mindfulness Class to help people build community where they are. Participants the Happiness Initiative survey at the beginning, middle and end. Learn about the class.
Ginny Sassaman opened “The Happiness Paradigm Store and Experience” in Maple Court, Vermont offering a space for creativity and play as well as handmade arts and crafts from recycled and repurposed materials.
- Yakima, Washington Pursuit of Happiness Teach-In 2012
- Andrea Michelbach used the Gross National Happiness  Index Survey for her Museology master’s thesis to explore well-being of Seattle museum professionals.

We are collecting your stories, please share what you are doing to make your lives and others better! Email info@happycounts.org